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1月 20th, 2011

Years of the remainder passed for ..vogue.. ten years by three people in January, 2000 after it had turned first at night. At first, it is pushed to person concerned’s voice when the back mesne and the mass of the activity has extended without without both being known to nobody in the town where we live, and giving treatment it was a small small working from the wish that might not do the road death and the lonely death. Moreover, after acquiring the Law to Promote Specified Nonprofit Activities character, full receives six years.

The activity became shape of business that included many things if it noticed. It is evidence indispensable the hell of a time and the content of the activity to meet “One” that has fallen into the road, and to help regaining.

A business idea we corporate is in the construction of the society where “Safty- net” of which you can not arrive at the road even if it not is for “Support for support” and “Self-expansion”, and failing by one degree is cordial. The chat and the negotiation with an administrative each post went, and will up to now take all the ways in the future so that such a society may visit as soon as possible, act, and be [tedate] regularly and continuously for that.

However, in the depression of business without the sign that turns upward at all to our regret and the dispatch cutting and the employment stop the year before last continue still now, and the people of the dispatched worker and the part part-time job in a weak standpoint lose the employment, it is at a loss, and the myriad plan has the reality that is exhausted and becomes road life. Moreover, a potential number of people called a dweller on the car and a net refugee not included within the range of the investigation of the real number of homeless executed in Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare is in the increasing tendency, too.

It cannot be said that the administration including the country that should lecture on measures of the rent support and the employment policy that they are searchable of the following office before it falls into the road, etc. also will do an enough working. There is a current state in which the people who cannot help doing the room back to lose the employment, for the dormitory to be driven out or to fail to pay the rent, to be spilt, and to fall do not cut the pull.

It wishes that it supplies support service while drawing close to the person concerned they, for them to whom the road life has been pressed so that the country may fulfill the obligation, to pick out “Life of a healthy, cultural minimum” guaranteed by Article 25 of the constitution independently, and to regain the one’s own life in the future and it come.

In can the current continuance of this corporation of the activity, it agrees to our can “Made thing when the person can do” idea in above all, and only a lot of those who support it by relations in various methods are the favors without. Guidance and encouragement will be received in the future.

Yasuhiro secretary-general Aoki

– – I will introduce a present corporate this a detailed content of the activity as follows **.


– The regular night circumference: It executes it on Wednesday night of the dinner party (the first Saturday every month) and the [tada] doing (the fourth Saturday every month) of the week. In doing person concerned’s situation awareness and related-making for the emergency to a serious disease, it is the activities of a corporate this basis. It asks after concerning the site where it gathers in the Sendai Station west exit at 8:00PM, it has the support goods of the miso soup, the boiled egg, the fruit (chiefly banana), the rice ball, the U.S., the gas canister, [hokkairo], the mosquito incense coil, the blanket, and the sleeping-bag, etc. , it happens to be with a person to the car, it distributes, and homeless have lived.

– The temporary night circumference: Sendai city each place is visited by bringing the support goods to scatter living [suru] road life and settling down type homeless’ daily life places at any time in suburbs.

– Other scramble: The scramble is done by the report and the request of the administration, the citizens or persons concerned regardless of day and night. It is likely to call an ambulance according to an urgent degree, and to urgent protect it. In facilities of the circumference group because it tends not to hospitalize it at night after it treats and it leaves hospital, the hospital often protects the homeless person,we concerned such as homeless who doesn’t have the life base.


The fourth noon every month of Saturday. It executes it in five bridge park in five bridges per 13 o’clock in the green leaves district. Participation of 1115 people in total in fiscal year 2009. About 30 person on average of volunteer participation. The curry and rice: 400 curry roux of meal 15 shous foods are offered, and daily necessaries are offered. 〈 one distribution goods example 〉U.S. and gas cylinder for rice ball, bread, towel, soap, toothbrush, beard sleigh, shampoo, detergent, body soap, and stove, [hokkairo], [kizute-pu], socks, undergarment, shoes, sandals, boots, clothes (old clothes), and ramen and [kappura-men], ..medicine (salve etc.).. others cakes such as canned food, foods, and candies, large travel bags, brief bag paper bags, blankets, sleeping-bags, blanket made of towelings, tents, seats, umbrellas, mosquito incense coils, rat exterminations, candles, utensils for kitchen use, bus cards, subway cards, and telephone cardsSendai girl Commercial High School, 〈 school official of volunteer participation 〉Tohoku Fukushi University, [nao**onna] school high school, Tohoku University, Miyagi 3 cherry blossoms high school, Tohoku school high school, white lily school high school, sage [dominiko] school high school, Sendai Ohara bookkeeping school, Sendai west high school, Tohoku life culture university high school, and you of ALT(Assistant Language Teacher) … In any order. 〈 other volunteer participation 〉Sendai City senior volunteer center of social welfare council, Miyagi [tamiiren], and Tohoku [roukin] NPO partnership, “Message board [yururu] of grove” bus tours, and “Anti-poor net”, etc.


The dinner party (offer of the pork miso soup table d’hote) and, as a rule, the support goods are distributed in the Sendai City welfare plaza on the first Saturday (The content of the distribution is the same as the [tada] doing). Registration association of cleaning part-time job and execution of personal counseling. As the seminar, the measure introduction by the administration and the incorporated nonprofit organization introduce of the support service, the [niokeru] right of the constitution of Article 25, and the consultation association holds it by the law and the doctor.

【 volunteer cleaning for a fee 】

The cleaning part-time job of Sendai city each place is offered early morning of the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Saturday every week. Promotion business by Sendai City. The participation hope of 40 people or more increases and, every time, corporate this obligation fees increase because it is a promotion of 34 while it is.


The shower and it washing and dry offers it at the Sendai City independence support center on the every seed moon day of the week. It spends it during waiting time by the cup noodle, meal, tea, and the television, etc.Consignment business from Sendai City.


It slowly spends it for a while by the offer, the haircut service of the cup noodle and tea, and the film showings in seeing and ..consulting NPO.. plaza on Thursday every week.


The job creation is opened, and it gets the license of the used business in the purpose in this corporation, and the reuse shop is opened in August, 2004. The business centering on the offer of general merchandise to an autonomous person (tenant such as apartments) in cooperation with the administration. “Work-making in ‘No one loses’ mechanism” is assumed to be a purport. The shop was used for an autonomous person who had arranged the moving in articles many times as a repeat customer. People who live in the surrounding and guest on the way come to often buy goods. Are they ten people on the reuse work day done every month?About 18 people on an autonomous person and an autonomous road are participating. Additionally, making use of each special skill of the delivery of goods and the collection of cargo, etc. and a person concerned, an autonomous person, and autonomous on the way to work part-time.

【 thrift shop YOMAWARI 】

The Sendai City homeless work support subsidy was obtained, and it began for the purpose of job creation. Afterwards, the content of work has spread weeding and putting it in order as not only the reuse goods sales with the shop but also “Anything” though the promotion will end in fiscal year 2007. The work of the putting things in order of the room by the request from the administration etc. increases, too and the meaning of job creation will be expected in the future.

【 big issue sales support 】